Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Must Have Basic

I can't drink wine all the time so I'll also use this blog to discuss other aspects of the wine industry, including accessories, literature, and places to buy and enjoy wine.

So, here is the first of my favorites and a basic that every wine connoisseur needs....

The folding stemware rack from IWA (International Wine Accessories). As an aside, if you love wine and don't have on your Internet favorites list, you should. It is THE place for buying hard to find, yet useful accessories.

This little gem is well used in my household as we absolutely do not put our wine glasses in the dishwasher under any circumstances. Riedel glasses are superb but very fragile, very expensive and don't find the inside of a dishwasher to be a hospitable place. 

This rack holds eight stem wine glasses at once and will even fit larger glasses such as burgundy or pinot glasses.  Rubber feet on the bottom prevent it from slipping on wet countertops which could result in (gasp!) disastrous consequences.  After the party is over, it easily folds up to be hidden away for another day.  It retails for $34.95 plus tax and shipping.  Might feel like a bit much for just a drying rack but you'll thank yourself in the long run... can't even count the number of glasses I've broken while attempting to hand dry them.

The countdown to Purple Girl's big trip to Vegas is on... T minus two days and counting.  Doing some research now to find the best wine bars on the strip, recommendations are welcome. 


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Erinn, I love your blog :)

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